Are You Ready For Advanced Business Solutions?

Are You Ready For Advanced Business Solutions?

Planning for your business’ growth is the most effective way to smooth business expansion. Allocating your resources effectively requires careful timing. Here we highlight four key signals you need to upgrade your advanced business solutions. 

Your Computer Systems Are Slowing You Down 

Computers age with the same signs as humans do; they begin to slow down. In the early stages, this can be compensated for with a little maintenance. Just like going to the gym, cleaning the memory and de-fragmenting hard-drives will help with the servers’ performance. There will, however, come a point which the server will be too slow to accommodate a productive working platform. Because of the daily usage, changes in operating speeds aren’t noticed as they are happening. It’s a gradual deceleration which happens over time and is usually only apparent when there’s a sudden influx in demand, or you find yourself waiting for basic commands to process as if you were using the dial-up internet of the ‘90’s.

Employees Are Frustrated with Processes and Systems

Company systems are often put in place before or without feedback from the employees. The effectiveness of the computer system depends on reliability and ease of operation. If you do not monitor the productivity of your workforce, or act on employee feedback, it’s likely that your company isn’t operating as effectively as it could be. Poor processing systems also increase user fatigue, draining productivity. Monitor the efficiency of your computer systems by requesting employee feedback, and help boost workforce morale in the process.

You Find Yourself Constantly Repeating or Retraining

Another sign that your system is failing you is the need to repeat input. A modern system should be able to process and compute information automatically, without the need for staff to re-enter data which is already given and registered in the system. Data, once entered by an employee or the client should be available in every necessary department and program required to act on the information. Copying, re-entering and referencing data costs time and increases the risk of human error.

Re-training is a necessary course of action in all companies, keeping information and processes relevant and up-to-date. If you find yourself re-training your workforce in the same processes, it could be superseded by a more intuitive system. Again, assess the productivity and general state of morale to determine if employees are using processes which assist or hinder their work.

Your Competitors Are Upgrading

Even if your current system is working for you, and your workforce is happy with the systems in place, you may find updating your companies’ computer system advisable if your competitors are upgrading theirs. Technology advances quickly, and processing capabilities are a major factor in the productivity of your company. If your competitors have upgraded their systems, they will be outperforming youFailing to keep up with system updates and replacing aging interfaces or servers can quickly push you out of the game, and it will be harder to regain old clients and attract new ones. 

Microsoft and Amstrad were both one-time computer giants and business competitors. While one of the two companies chose to invest in software development, the other pushed the boundaries of hardware development. With just one decisive change in direction, that competition changed forever, and the two companies have never since been considered equal.

Even if you have the resources in place, reactive planning will never produce the same results as proactivity. If you’re looking to explore advanced business solutions, take a decisive step and give me a call.

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