Market to Target

How to Market to Your Target Audience

Market to TargetHaving a narrow focus on your target audience is critical to the success of your business whether you sell cars or essential oils, have an e-commerce website or manage a local retail store. Having a strong sense of your customer base will help you create marketing messages that help them solve their problems with your products and services.

To market to your target audience you must first identify them, create an avatar to represent them, find out where they hang out, observe them and then create a plan.

Identify Your Target Market

When you market to everyone, you market to no one. Not every customer in the marketplace needs your products and services and marketing to people who aren’t interested costs time and money.

The easiest way to identify your target market is to start with demographics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, income, and location. You can find this information through a variety of sources like the American Fact Finder created by the Census Bureau.

Create an Avatar of an Ideal Customer

Once you understand your target market, you might find it useful to create an avatar. Like target market personas, an avatar has characteristics of your target market. The difference is that your avatar is a fictional character that you can picture as you write your messages.

When you’re creating messaging or offers, think about your avatar before you hit send. Make sure he or she would want to read that blog post, email or social media message.

Determine Where They Go For Help

Find out where your customers go to get help for a problem that your product or service solves for. They might ask friends for help in a special group on Facebook, search online, attend an event or ask a professional.

After identifying the source of their information, work to be in the top position for the answer. You can do this through search engine optimization of your website and content, making friends with professionals that likely refer people to businesses like yours or reaching out to people at an event.

Don’t go to conferences and events to learn. Go to network and make connections. If you’re a web developer, attend a marketing conference. There are plenty of people who are hungry for web development help there. If you need to brush up on your skills, attend a web developer conference, but search for partners rather than clients there.

Observation does the trick

Once you know where your target audiences go for help and understand the channel fully, you should sit back and observe how they interact. Take a close look at your target audience’s likes and dislikes. What do they comment on? What do they share? Do they welcome new businesses or automatically blacklist them?

After you’ve spent some time observing their interactions, it’s time to engage. Start by responding to questions with helpful answers and be careful not to pitch your business right off the bat. Just like dating, you don’t want to offend someone before they get to know you.

Create a plan

Develop a marketing plan based on your observations, preferences and budget. Then implement it in the channels that your target market engages with to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

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