Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset or Are You Self-Employed?

I talk to many business owners who start businesses, but don’t necessarily have the entrepreneurial mindset. They started their businesses because they wanted to be self-employed, make their own decisions and have the freedom to
choose their schedule, assignments and customers. Unfortunately, they’ve found themselves focusing on the work, managing multiple bosses, uncertain about the future and struggling to pay the bills. If this sounds like you, it’s time to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.

What Is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

The entrepreneurial mindset takes self-employment out of the equation and shifts your focus towards value creation and innovation. To transition from the self-employment mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset, you need to start with your vision before you streamline your processes and systems.

Start with Vision

Everything you do starts with your vision, which includes your purpose, values and mission. Even if you’re a solopreneur, you still need to define it and write it down. Having this in front of you will help you through the tough times. More importantly, it will allow you to find the right people, create the right processes and incorporate the right technology to scale your business in the direction you want to grow.

Success Mindset

Once you have your vision in place, you’ll need to assess your business and determine if you’ve set it up for self-employment or growth. Streamlined processes coupled with systems that can reduce manual tasks help you create space to focus on your business instead of in it.

Having an entrepreneurial mindset doesn’t mean you don’t get to do the work that you’re passionate about. You can still enjoy the work. But, to get out of the chaos, you’ll need to spend time above the weeds.

Business needs are different for every industry and stage of business. I can create customized solutions that reflect your company’s current stage. The first step is to get your entrepreneurial assessment by calling me today.

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