Case Study #3: I Love Bread But I Hate Flour!

Occasionally we all have the potential to be unrealistic and even stubborn about things in life. This happens in our personal life and business life too. In both areas, we need a dose of “ultimate reality” also known as “truth” to resolve the situation.

Background: During a session, a client’s employee shared that they wanted to improve their accounting skills but were not interested in the computer.

Maximizing you productivity and efficiency in accounting, (in today’s world) without the use of a computer is not only unrealistic, it is impractical. In today’s world of growing technology, accounting and computer go hand in hand.

Solution:  Explaining that this attitude was not a bad thing for the individual, but a terrible fit for the business had to be done.  Hiring the right staff is vital.  Also, the sooner you know you have a misfit the sooner you can resolve it.

Results:  Moving this employee out of the position they were in was an absolute necessity. Once the right individual was found, they were able to be properly trained and the “log jam” that had been occurring in the business was eliminated. Whoever it was that said “hire slow and fire fast” understood the value of good employees.

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