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Do You Want Your Business to Grow?

In my previous article, I shared the five stages of small business growth. One of the biggest decisions business owners face is whether to try to expand their businesses. Some business owners don’t want to grow. They want to maintain their clients and eventually pass them on to someone else as they head toward retirement. […]

Understanding the Five Stages of Small Business Growth

As you grow your business, it goes through a life cycle, of sorts, encountering different challenges in each stage that requires a unique approach. Marketing, sales, business development, and preserving market share are all different now than they were when you opened the doors. Your priorities and business operations have changed and so have your […]

Why You Should Issue 1099-MISC in Your Business

These days businesses rely on additional services from contractors and freelancers for tasks that don’t require employee headcount. This means that it’s essential for them to understand IRS rules and varied prerequisites for issuing 1099-MISC forms in their businesses. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners “wing it” when it comes to following the rules and […]

Simple Steps To Recruit Finance Professionals to Work for You

Hiring the right professionals is crucial for the success of any business. From telecommunications to manufacturing, to retail products and banking, businesses across all market sectors need exceptional financial talent to increase revenues, reduce costs, efficiently navigate through investments and merger and acquisition activity, and intelligently deal with increased government regulation. Even though recruiting exceptional […]

Why Is Professional Judgment Important In Accounting?

With the progressively complex nature of today’s global business practices, it’s important to have reliable financial information for your business. Accountants are professionals and due to the nature of their industry, are expected to apply professional judgment. Having the ability to make a professional judgment is essential for accountants, but it can be challenging, Professional […]

What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You

Most entrepreneurs don’t start a business because they have a passion for running a business or are an expert on operations. They do it because they’re passionate about their idea and feel that what they have to offer is sure to attract their target audience. Unfortunately, the entrepreneur’s journey is never an easy one. It’s […]

Understanding Environmental Regulations

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other environmental agencies levy a number of environmental regulations that apply to all businesses, regardless of size. You need to be aware of the law if your business practices involve the release pollutants into the air, water, land or sewers, or if it involves transmitting, storing or the […]